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  • Ground Rules and Tips for Challenging the Right

  • Ten Tips for Fighting Hate Groups of the Far Right (Center for Democratic Renewal)
  • How to Fight the Right (Center for Democratic Renewal)
  • Tips for Campus Organizers (Center for Campus Organizing)
  • Some Strategies for Challenging the Right (Chip Berlet)

  • Divisions That Kill (Suzanne Pharr)
  • Soundbites Against Homophobia (Robin Kane, NGLTF)
  • What Does "Right Wing" Mean? (Jean V. Hardisty, Ph.D.)

  • A Call to Defend Democracy & Pluralism [long] (Blue Mountain Working Group)
  • Uniting to Defend the Four Freedoms (Chip Berlet)
  • Abstaining from Bad Sects From Resist newsletter
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    The Price We Pay is Too High...

    The majority of Americans are paying a high price to maintain a society that encourages inequality, abuse of power, and unfair privilege. It's time to join together and demand a better deal.

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