Organizations Opposed to Reproductive Freedom

Advocates for Life Ministries

6304 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97213, (503) 288-5423,

Publisher of Life Advocate magazine, which supported the killing of abortion providers.

Alliance Defense Fund

7819 East Greenway Road, Suite 8, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, (800) TELL-ADF.

Founded in 1994 by the leaders of Focus on the Family, the American Family Association, Coral Ridge Ministries and Campus Crusade for Christ, this grant-making organization provides financial and technical assistance to Christian lawyers and groups, including pro-life organizations.

American Coalition of Life Activists

P.O. Box 9869, Norfolk, VA 23505, (757) 587-8678

Formed in 1994 following disputes about the use of violence. ACLA membership is composed of those organizational leaders supporting assassination of physicians and clinic personnel. Home of Justice for Children.David Crane, Executive Director. Several regional affiliates, like the Christian Pro-Life Action Network (CPLAN) of Springfield, MA support the work of anti-abortion activists such as its Director, Rev. Bruce Evan Murch. Murch, who has been arrested 60 times, publishes Salt & Light magazine, which gives news regarding people arrested and jailed for antiabortion activities. Murch was also associated with the Nuremberg Files suit.


American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

P.O. Box 757, N27 W23957 Paul Road, Suite 202, Pewaukee, WI 53072, (414) 523-6208

National group of pro-life OB/GYNs. Offers a referral service for pro-life providers. Claims its members represent six percent of members of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

American Center for Law and Justice

1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23467, (757) 226-2489,

Legal action in support of Christian principles. Founded by Pat Robertson in 1990 as a “public interest law firm dedicated to the promotion of pro-liberty, pro-life and pro-family causes.” Provides legal support for clinic demonstrations and protesters. Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel.

American Family Association

P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803, (601) 844-5036,

Donald Wildmon’s media and entertainment watchdog group. Also provides legal assistance through its law center for pro-life court cases. Operates more than 100 radio stations.

American Life League 

1179 Courthouse Road, P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22554, (888) 546-2580,

ALL is “dedicated to the protection of every human life from fertilization to death—with no exceptions.” Founder and President Judie Brown issues statements on a range of issues from abortion, assisted suicide, cloning, euthanasia, population control, and fetal tissue research, which she calls “recycling babies.” Publishes Celebrate Life and Communique magazines. Affiliated with Rock for Life (R4L) and its brand of concerts, CDs, and apparel.

Americans United for Life

310 South Peoria Street Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60607, (312) 492-7234,

Creates model pro-life legislation and offers pro-bono legal assistance to lawyers arguing pro-life criminal and civil cases, both at the state and federal levels. Committed to chipping away at Roe piece by piece.

Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation

P.O. Box 700, Valley Forge, PA 19842-0700

Funder of 1992 pro-life television spots, “Life: What a Beautiful Choice,” estimated to cost $20 million.

Birthright USA

P.O. Box 998363, Atlanta, GA 30359, (800) 550-4900,

Network of 500 pro-life crisis pregnancy centers throughout the US. Affiliated with Birthright International which coordinates centers worldwide from Toronto.

Campaign for Working Families

499 South Capital St., SW, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20003, (202) 479-9696,

A pro-family and pro-life PAC which supports an end to abortion and lower taxes for families.

Catholic Alliance

1801-L Sara Drive, Chesapeake VA 23320, (757) 424-2630,

Created by the Christian Coalition in 1995 to bring Catholic laity and evalgelical Protestants together around a range of issues, including abortion.

The Catholic Health Association of America

4455 Woodson Road,St. Louis, MO 63134-3797,(314)-427-2500,

A 2,000 member lobbying and advocacy organization for Catholic health care facilities, including hospitals. Supports the retention of Catholic conscience clauses in hospital mergers of Catholic and other-than-Catholic facilities.

Catholics United for Life

3050 Gap Knob Road, New Hope, KY 40052, (502) 549-3680,

Besides a colorful graphic presence on the Web with links to many Catholic, pro-life sites, this group trains “sidewalk counselors” to demonstrate outside abortion clinics. Its legal arm is the New Hope Life Center in Kentucky. Hosts Free Speech Advocates, one of its affiliates, that offers legal defense for anti-abortion militants.

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

2065 Half Day Road, Bannockburn, IL 60015, (800) 417-9999,

Founded by Christian bioethicists in 1994 to bring Christian perspectives to contemporary bioethical issues such as stem cell research and fetal surgery. Affiliated with many pro-life medical organizations. Publishes Ethics and Medicine.

Christian Action Council

109 Carpenter Drive, Suite 100, Sterling, VA 20164, (703) 478-5661

Coordinates a network of 450 crisis pregnancy centers through its ministries arm, Care Net.Publishes the Pro-Life Advocate.

Christian Activist Network

P.O. Box 606, Forest, VA 24511-0606, (800) 835-5795.

Pro-life group that promotes several issues through its home lobbying kits as well as books such as founder Martin Mawyer’s Defending the American Family: the Pro-Family Contract with America.

Christian Coalition of America

P.O. Box 1990, 1801-L Sara Drive, Chesapeake, VA, (800) 325-4746,

Founded by Pat Robertson in 1989 and headed by Ralph Reed through most of the 90s, this blockbuster organization uses the resources of more than one million members to influence public policy and elections around many issues, including abortion.

Christian Defense Coalition

1006 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg, VA 22401, (540) 373-8099 

Headed by Reverend Patrick J. Mahoney, religiously-based pro-life group that is active in clinic blockades and political protests.Has been involved in numerous law suits around protest activity.


Collegians Activated To Liberate Life

P.O. Box 259806, Madison, WI 53725, (608) 256-CALL,

A Christian organization founded in 1991 by Peter Alban Heers to foster young anti-choice leadership through CALL weekend events (conferences of speeches and activism), outreach to campuses, networking college students to national leaders, and the publication of a newsletter, Trumpet.Against sex before marriage, contraception, euthanasia, and in vitro fertilization.

Concerned Women for America

1015 Fifteenth St., NW Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 488-0806,

Under the leadership of its founder and president Beverly LaHaye, CWA is the largest conservative women’s political organization in the US and has teamed up with the Christian Medical and Dental Society to produce a series of public service announcements about the dangers of abortion. Past campaigns include “After the Choice,” a video about crisis pregnancies that attacks the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).

Coral Ridge Ministries

P.O. Box 1940, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302-1940, (754) 772-0404, (877) SALT USA (725-8872)

Home of James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Media companies, Janet Foilger’s Center for Reclaiming America, and affiliated with its Washington lobbying arm, The Center for Christian Statesmanship. Daily radio and TV shows nationwide. Its monthly newsletter Impact regularly asks readers to take anti-choice action.

Defenders of Life

P.O. Box 320, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Publishes The Rescuer, a bimonthly newsletter follows the strategy and philosophy of the American “rescue movement.”

Eagle Forum

P.O. Box 618 Alton, IL 62002, (618) 462-5415,

Phyllis Schlafly’s operations center for publications and mailings is in Illinois; her lobbying arm is in Washington. Mostly a copycat on conservative abortion issues, this organization will gladly reprint information about pro-life activities and positions.

Elliot Institute

PO Box 7348, Springfield, IL 62791-7348,

The Elliot Institute is a non-profit corporation that was founded in 1988 to perform research and publish material on the impact of abortion and serves as “an advocate for women and men seeking post-abortion healing.”The director, David C. Reardon, Ph.D., is the editor of The Post-Abortion Review.He is also the author of Aborted Women, Silent No More; Making Abortion Rare; and a resource for clergy called The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing.

Family Research Council

801 G St., NW, Washington, DC 20001, (800) 225-4008,

This is the DC-based public policy affiliate of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. Among its many magazines, such as Family Policy and other materials, the FRC publishes the Pro-Life Action Guide and The Truth in Black and White, a booklet about so-called “partial-birth abortion.”

Feminists for Life of America

733 15th St., NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 737-FFLA,

Calling on Susan B. Anthony as its role model, this group opposes all forms of violence, especially against women, and is particularly opposed to abortion. Publishes the quarterly The American Feminist which reprints articles on such topics as the link between abortion and breast cancer. Identifies proudly as pro-feminist and pro-life.

Focus on the Family

8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, (800) A-FAMILY,

James Dobson’s pro-family outfit is a prodigious publisher and broadcaster, printing over 10 magazines every month for specific constituencies, such as physicians, children, young women, teachers, and single parents. Dobson maintains his syndicated daily radio show on Christian issues. Maintains state-level affiliates.

Hayes Publishing Company

6304 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 681-7559, fax (513) 681-9298,

Publishes a variety of anti-choice materials, including, books by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke (Abortion Questions and Answers (1990), Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Past & Present (1998), Why Can't We Love Them Both?(1997)), photographs of abortions and a brochure called, “Planned Parenthood, The Nation’s Leading Provider and Promoter of Abortion:Is it True?”

Heartbeat International

7870 Olentangy River Road, Suite 304, Columbus, OH 43235, (888) 550-7577,

Support association of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. Publishes annual directory of pro-life pregnancy centers, runs workshops and seminars, and sells a line of sex abstinence jewelry and a software program for managing such centers.

Heritage House '76

919 South Main Street, Snowflake, AZ 85937, (520) 536-7705, fax (520)536-7785,,

An anti-choice catalog of books, curricula, videos, bumper stickers, jewelry and other resources.

Human Life Foundation, Inc.

Human Life International

4 Family Life Lane, Front Royal, VA 22630, (540) 635-7884,

HLI’s mission is to “promote and defend the sanctity of human life around the world according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church through prayer, service and education.” Founded by Father Paul Marx, this international organization supports local affiliates of priests and laypeople who are encouraged to become active opponents of abortion, euthanasia, contraception, and homosexuality. Vida Humana Internacional Sucursal en Miami is a branch of Human Life International that targets Latinos.

Libertarians for Life

13424 Hathaway Drive, Wheaton, MD 20906, (301) 460-4141,

“Libertarians for Life was founded in 1976 to show why abortion is a wrong under justice, not a right. Our reasoning is scientific and philosophical rather than pragmatic or religious.” Offers a speakers bureau and publications list.

Life Decisions International

P.O. Box 75161, Washington, DC 20013-5161, (202) 347-2066, Fax 703-222-4346,,

Publications available on the web.

Life Dynamics, Inc.

P.O. Box 2226, Denton, TX 75067, (940) 380-8800,

Mark Crutcher’s multi-tactic approach to abolishing abortions includes training on his Firestorm campaign, “Life Activist Seminars;” how to enact abortion malpractice (“ABMAL”) litigation; direct mail attacks on abortion providers and medical students; and a video talk show, “Lifetalk,” that claims to have exposed the industry of abortion clinics selling fetal body parts.

Life Education and Resource Network--L.E.A.R.N.

P.O. Box 87641,Houston, TX 77286, (713) 645-1377,,

LEARN is the largest, African-American, evangelical pro-life ministry in the United States. Promotes chastity, values, and pro-life education for African-Americans. Holds an annual conference and produces materials including videos and TV shows. Rev. Johnny Hunter is President and Akua Furlow executive director.


Life Enterprises Unlimited

P.O. Box 85030, Mobile, AL 36685

Organized by Davis Trotsch, a Catholic priest who, following the murder ofDavid Gunn was the first to declare publicly that killing abortion providers is “justifiable homicide.”

Life Issues Institute, Inc

1721 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 729-3600, fax (513) 729-3636, ,

Anti-choice organization, headed by John C. Willke, MD, that produces educational material, including: brochures; books; videos; slide sets; CDs containing sixty-second spots on abortion; a daily five-minute commentary on abortion and related issues (Life Issues hosted by John Willke); The RU 486 Report, a monthly publication; and Connector, a quarterly publication.Their materials are translated into over 28 languages.

Life Legal Defense Foundation

P.O. Box 2105, Napa, CA 94558, (707) 224-6675

Originally formed to defend Operation Rescue members in California, this small, pro-life, legal defense group publishes a newsletter, Lifeline.

March for Life

PO Box 90300, Washington, DC 20090, (202) 543-3377,,

Founded in 1974 by anti-choice leaders.Organizes an annual Washington, D.C. march that takes place on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade (January 22nd).

Mothers Against Minors’ Abortion (MAMA)

P.O. Box 7344, Fredericksburg, VA 22401,
(540) 371-0292

Eileen Roberts founded MAMA in 1987 after she was notified that surgery was needed to repairdamage to her then 14-year old daughter after she had had an abortion. “MAMA is dedicated to educating the public and state legislatures to the critical need for public policy that protects minors and respects the right of parents to be involved if an abortion is being sought for their minor-aged daughter.”

Missionaries to the Preborn

P.O. Box 25204,Milwaukee, WI 53225, (414) 462-3399,

“Missionaries to the Preborn is the first Christian mission in America dedicated to the ministry of our preborn neighbor.” Founded by Rev. Matt Trewhella, this militant group is split from mainstream pro-life groups, since it believes in the absolute prohibition of abortion, at any cost.

National Coalition for Life and Peace,

On-line, pro-life critic of clinic violence.

National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

1511 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 393-0703, fax (202) 347-1383

Lobbies to re-criminalize abortion through a Human Life Amendment and against any funding of abortion. Works primarily in the Catholic community.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities

3211 4th St., NE, Washington, DC 20017, (202) 541-3070,

The official policy and church teachings arm of the US Catholic Conference on matters of abortion. The Secretariat works under the direction and guidance of a Committee of bishops, presently chaired by William Cardinal Keeler of Baltimore, conducting anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia educational and public policy work.Also publishes liturgical suggestions, three newsletters (Life Insight, Life At Risk: A Chronicle of Euthanasia Trends in America, and NFP Forum), and a biweekly syndicated column for Catholic newspapers (“Life Issues Forum”).

National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing

3501 South Lake Drive, P.O. Box 07477, Milwaukee, WI 53207, (800) 593-2273

Provides information and training for anti-abortion counseling centers on “post-abortion trauma” and assists with the development of local trauma-counseling programs titled “Project Rachel.” Project Rachel is the post-abortion healing ministry of the Catholic Church.

National Right to Life Committee

419 7th Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20004, (202) 626-8800,

This large group is perhaps the best known of all the national pro-life organizations. Spawned in the early 1970s by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, it remains predominantly Catholic but does have a significant proportion of Protestant members. Focusing on mainstream pro-life legislative goals, NRLC has given a lot of attention to late-term abortion, the Child Custody Protection Act (making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion) and identifying presidential candidates’ positions on abortion. NRLC also files amicus briefs on major abortion cases. In an effort to appear more responsive to real people, it has developed special population programs for adolescents (National Teens for Life); “victims of post-abortion syndrome” (American Victims of Violence); National College Students for Life; and Black Americans for Life.

National Women’s Coalition for Life

P.O. Box 1553, Oak Park, IL 60304, (708) 848-5351 P.O. Box 4029, Alexandria, VA 22303, (703) 960-4519

Membership organization for several women’s pro-life groups, including American Victims of Abortion, Professional Women’s Network, and Feminists for Life.

Negative Population Growth, Inc.

1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 101, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 667-8950, fax (202) 667-8953,,

Membership organization founded in 1972 to focus on the effects of overpopulation on the environment and quality of life.Seeks to decrease the population of the US through limits on immigration and voluntary incentives for smaller families.Has argued that monetary incentives to encourage women to get sterilized are not coercive.

New Hope Life Center, ACLJ New Hope

New Hope KY 40052, (502) 549-5454,

Formerly, Free Speech Advocates.The legal arm of Catholics United for Life, this group was started by Catholic converts to provide legal support to sidewalk counselors. Best known for publishing its polemical magazine, Culture Wars.

Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America

P.O. Box 740066, Dallas, TX 75374, (972) 494-5316,

Founded by Randall Terry in 1986. Its abortion clinic blockades peaked in 1988-89 and have steadily declined since. Court suits and high fines have had a tempering effect on its activities and membership. Flip Benham has replaced Terry, and under his leadership, OR continues to employ Biblical principles to the abortion debate.

Pharmacists for Life International

P.O. Box 1281, Powell, OH, 43065-1281, (800) 227-8359, (740) 881-5520, fax (707) 667-2447,,

Anti-choice pharmacist association representing almost 1500 pharmacists, and hundreds of lay supporters worldwide. Advocates the adoption of a Pharmacist’s Conscience Clause (which have passed in Louisiana, Puerto Rico and California) giving pharmacists the right to refuse to perform professionally related acts based on a claim of conscience without risking loss of employment or a suite for damages.Its activities include education of pharmacists, health care professionals and the general public through consultations, speakers and quarterly newsletter called Beginnings.

The Population Research Institute

P.O. Box 1559, Front Royal, VA 22630, (540) 622-5240,

This small office supports pro-life ideas that challenge the idea of a global population problem. It argues against US funding of international family planning programs, and it opposes the use of Norplant in the Third World. Publishes PRI Review.

Prayer and Action Weekly News

137 E. Leach Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50315,

Published since 1989 by The Partnership Machine (PM) which also sponsors The Uncle Ed Show.David Leach is the PM president and publisher and is currently running for State Representative in Iowa.He is a signatory to the Defensive Action Statement endorsing the concept of justifiable homicide of abortion providers.Their web site includes a fictionalized account of an Army of God Rescue Platoon member who is on a mission to destroy every free standing abortion clinic in Florida in one night.

Priests for Life

PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314, 888-PFL-3448, (718) 980-400, fax (718) 980-6515,,

Founded in 1991 to network and assist priests in anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia work through training seminars, publications (including the Priests for Life newsletter and an aid for anti-abortion preaching), videos and tapes, and by linking clergy to other anti-abortion groups. Also, offers “healing and counseling” to women who have had abortions.Father Pavone, the director, has bi-weekly columns in diocesan newspapers.

Project Rachel

St. John’s Center, 3680 Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, (414) 483-4141, (800) 5WE-CARE,

See National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing.

Pro-Life Action League

6160 North Cicero Avenue, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60646, (312) 777-2900, Newsline (312) 777-2525,

Founder Joseph Scheidler has single-handedly upped the ante in pro-life direct action circles. His Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion is the recipe book for sidewalk counseling and other militant action. His website provides materials for student papers and ways to support his lawsuit against NOW. From Closed: “Pro-life activists cannot wait for the legislative and judicial process that will make abortion illegal. The activist has to save lives now.”

Pro-Life Action Report Network (PARnet)

P.O. Box 10171, Lancaster, PA 17605, (717) 295-5370

Computer bulletin board system and newsletter connects pro-life groups with each other.

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

P.O. Box 33292, Washington, DC 20033, (202) 223-6697, fax (202) 265-9737,

“The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians began in 1990 with local groups in Washington, DC and Minneapolis. Today PLAGAL strives to promote a respect for life within the gay community and encourage gay and lesbian participation in the pro-life cause.” Annually seeks to be allowed to participate in the March for Life.

Randall Terry Live!

Radio show of Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, Randall Terry’s, which can be heard on stations around the country and on the internet (at

Republican National Coalition for Life

Box 618, Alton, IL 62002, (618) 462-5415,

Phyllis Schafly founded this group in 1990 to highlight the support the Republican Party gives to pro-life issues. RNCL is the source of the GOP and Elephant Precious Feet pins as well as such bumper stickers as “It’s a child, not a choice.”

Rescue America

2000 NE 51st Place, Oscala, FL 33479 or P.O. Box 440970-220, Houston, TX 77244, (713) 492-8396.

One of the most militant anti-abortion organizations. Rescue America supported Michael Griffith when he shot Dr. David Gunn and a RA member, Daniel Ware, was arrested for having a cache of weapons after vowing to terminate abortion providers gathered at a memorial service for Dr. Gunn.Has worked closely with Operation Rescue and employs similar tactics of blockading clinics. See,

Rock for Life

P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555, (540) 659-4171,

A youth division of the American Life League led by Brian Kemper. Sponsors pro-life rock concerts as part of a recruitment effort to attract high school and college-age audiences.

Rutherford Institute

1445 East Rio Rd., P.O. Box 7482, Charlottesville, VA 22906, (804) 978-3888,

Founded byR.J. Rushdoony, John and Carol Whitehead and other Christian Reconstructionists. Rutherford is a legal support organization which works to codify its leaders’ beliefs into law.It has represented Operation Rescue, Missionaries to the Preborn, and national and local action-oriented pro-life groups whose members get arrested. A radio spot, Freedom Under Fire, airs on most Christian networks daily.

Seamless Garment Network

109 Pickwick Drive, Rochester, NY 14618,

Network of progressive, faith-based groups committed to “a consistent ethic of life.” Opposes violence of any sort, including the arms race, warfare, poverty, capital punishment, and euthanasia as well as abortion which it sees as a form of violence. Founded the Institute for Integrated Social Analysis.

STOPP - Stop Planned Parenthood International

P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555, (540) 659-4171, fax (540),

STOPP is a Christian organization, founded in 1985, with the goal of closing down all Planned Parenthood programs, especially abortion services and any youth education programs.It calls itself an organization of parents and endorses “all nonviolent activity,” including providing speakers, producing publications (including the newsletter, Ryan Report), and legislative work.The Director is Jim Sedlak.

Susan B. Anthony List

1800 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 638-5558,

Political action committee designed to train, support and elect women pro-life candidates at all levels of US government. Shares the use of Susan B. Anthony as an organizational icon of pro-life feminists with Feminists for Life although unaffiliated with that group.

Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom

317 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301, (503) 581-2260,
Originally a project of the Christian Legal Society, the Center maintains its affiliation as it attempts to defend members of groups like Operation Rescue who were sued by the abortion providers for blockading clinics.

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