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About The Anti-Environmentalist Right

Books & Reports:

God, Land, and Politics: The Wise Use and Christian Right Connection in 1992 Oregon Politics. (Report). Available from the Western States Center. (503) 228-8866

The Scent of Opportunity: A Survey of the Wise Use/Property Rights Movement in New England. (Report). Burke, William K. (Cambridge, MA: Political Research Associates, 1992).


Anti-Environmental Propaganda: Special Theme Issue. With articles by Johan Carlisle, William Kevin Burke, Stephen Leiper, Dean Kuipers, Joe Lyford, Jr., Bill Walker, Mark Dowie, and Michael Miley. Includes resource list. Propaganda Review, Spring 1994. (415) 386-4902.

"Corporate Fronts: Inside the Anti-Environmental Movement," by Chip Berlet and William K. Burke in Greenpeace, Jan./Feb./Mar. 1992.

"Greenscam," by Ted Williams, in Harrowsmith Country Life, May/June 1992.

"Hunting the `Green Menace,'" by Chip Berlet in The Humanist, July/August 1991, pp. 24-31.

"Land-Use Advocates Make Gains," by Daniel B. Wood in Christian Science Monitor, October 3, 1991.

"Meet the Anti-Greens," by Margaret L. Knox in the Progressive, October 1991.

"Under Green Guise, Multi-use Groups Work Against Environment," by Fred Baumgarten in Audubon Activist, November 1991.

"Wise Guise," by Dan Baum in Sierra, May/June 1991.

"The `Wise Use' Movement: Lying About the Land," in Western States Center Newsletter, Summer 1992, (No. 7), p. 7.

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