The book War Cycles, Peace Cycles by Richard Kelly Hoskins was found among the belongings of  Buford O’Neal Furrow, Jr., the accused gunman in the shootings in California. Here are some excerpts from a booklet by Hoskins that is considered a classic in the White supremacist movement. 

Our Nordic Race by Richard Kelly Hoskins 1958

"Today the entire world is seething with unrest. The line of conflict is found wherever the protective ring of outposts of our wetern civilization comes in contact with the now belligerent and aggressive nations of the colored world."

" The history of our [Nordic] race is an epic story which should thrill the hearts of our youth..."
--Page 5.
" [A] group of 'agitation Jews,' in close co-operation with a group of Nordic Race Traitors, are almost wholly responsible for the destructive 'one race, one creed, one color' Marxist campaign that has brought strife and disunity to our country and to the rest of Western Civilization."
--Page 27.
" ...we must add to the large number of states who already have laws prohibiting racial interbreeding and insure that these laws are made ironclad. It would be an irony indeed to protect ourselves against a second Pearl Harbor only to be destroyed by Marxist mongrelism from within"
--Page 38.
" Crucial it is that we have solidarity on the subject of Nordic preservation in spite of our enemies within who are doing their utmost to destroy us. If we do not unite our thinking and our actions we shall rest with the ashes of the ages in less than a century. But if we rise to the crisis--if we ally ourselves with our neighbors next door, with our kinsmen more distant, to crush beneath the heel the traitors within, and stalwartly meet the tidal wave of colored fanaticism that is rapidly approaching our shores--we shall win through to a great new era that will follow us to the stars."
--Page 39.

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