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Political Research Associates joined the Boston community in a vigil commemorating Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider, who was shot and killed Sunday, May 30, while serving as an usher at his church in Wichita, Kansas. Former executive director Katherine Hancock Ragsdale led the crowd of 500 in prayer and song at The Cathedral of St. Paul (Episcopal) the following Monday.


On May 1, Public Eye editor Abby Scher participated in a plenary discussion on “The Right in These Times: A Conversation Between Academic and Non-Academic Thinkers and Researchers” at the Second Annual Conference on Rightist Movements. The conference, entitled The Right in These Times: Understanding and Combating Contemporary Shifts to the Right, was held at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City.


Incoming executive director Tarso Luís Ramos was a panelist for the Applied Research Center’s April 28 100-Day Race in Review Compact Forum Call. The call was moderated by Tammy Johnson; Tarso joined Angela Glover Blackwell and Deepa Iya in discussion (MP3).


Three staff members participated and provided analysis at the Left Forum, the largest gathering in North America of the U.S. and international Left, in mid-April. Senior researcher Pam Chamberlain participated in a panel concerning queer politics, class, and the Right. Pam and Abby both joined in on the discussion “Right-Wing Women and the Struggle to Remake Conservatism” with author Kathryn Joyce. Abby also chaired “To Quell and Expel,” a panel on challenging the police state in which Civil Liberties project director Thomas Cincotta was a participant.


Senior analyst Chip Berlet served on a total of eight panels during the University of Colorado at Boulder’s 61st Annual Conference on World Affairs from April 6-10. Additionally, Chip made a radio appearance on KGNU 88.5 FM/1390 AM for the conference. The topic of discussion was “Political Messaging: Story vs. Substance”; it included guests Terrence McNally and James A. Trengrove and was moderated by Kathy Partridge.


The first weekend in April Pam Chamberlain and Chip Berlet headed to Hampshire College’s Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program and Population Development Program conference on abortion rights. There, the two sat on panel discussions and conducted workshops on reproductive justice tactics and policies.


Spring/Summer 2009
Volume 8, Number 1

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