PRA: An Early Warning System

PRAccess interviews incoming executive director Tarso Luís Ramos and board chair Supriya Pillai about PRA’s role in a new day.


From the Executive Director

It is with mixed emotions that I write to tell you goodbye. Although the next chapter in my life—as president and dean of Episcopal Divinity School—promises to be challenging, exciting, and fun, I will miss PRA—its work, its staff, and its friends and supporters.


Welcome Thomas Cincotta

PRA is pleased to welcome new project director Thomas Cincotta, in charge of the organization’s newest initiative—a nationwide investigation of America’s domestic security structure.


Staff in Action

Political Research Associates joined the Boston community in a vigil commemorating Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider, who was shot and killed Sunday, May 30, while serving as an usher at his church in Wichita, Kansas. Former executive director Katherine Hancock Ragsdale led the crowd of 500 in prayer and song at The Cathedral of St. Paul (Episcopal) the following Monday.


PRA in the News

Publications across the country and around the Internet are citing PRA’s work to understand everything from inauguration oath flubbing to the economics of antigay campaigns.


Staff Changes

PRA welcomes back Cindy Savage-King as our business manager. Cindy has returned to the north after a jaunt in Florida, and we’re glad to have her back!


Intern Corner

PRA has hosted four interns this winter. Mohamed Brahimi, a political science Masters student at Suffolk University, is working with Thom Cincotta on our civil liberties project. Mohamed is active in the Boston Moroccan activist community.


Statement from PRA

The election of Barack Obama traumatized whole sections of the U.S. Right. Right-wing media demagogues have been quick to exploit this angry constituency by using rhetoric that demonizes not just Obama and the Democrats but liberal ideology itself. Using the rhetoric of Right-Wing populism, opportunistic pundits and politicians portray liberal government programs as picking the pockets of hard-working taxpayers to help undeserving poor people, lazy parasites, and unlawful immigrants.


Spring/Summer 2009
Volume 8, Number 1

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