Former New Alliance Party Member Speaks Out

I was a member of the International Workers Party cult from 1985 to 1990.  During this time, my mental and physical health were systematically damaged and my emotions and actions were systematically controlled and corrupted by Fred Newman (and his associates) through the use of Social Therapy─a fraudulent, coercive, pre-meditated and manipulative psychotherapeutic technique.  Newman and his “therapist/activists” also (cadre) aided and abetted in my indoctrination into his underground “revolutionary” Marxist-Leninist organization (the International Workers Party).  In addition to the emotional (and political and professional) damage caused by Newman’s reckless and dangerous therapeutic treatment, I also endured five years of unpaid, slave labor; was forced to make secret (and public) bi-weekly financial contributions; and was pressured to participate in secretive (and illegal) money-laundering schemes.  Newman’s associates (Dr. Lenora Fulani and others) have repeatedly publicly dismissed me as a “government agent,” “political opportunist,” and sell-out and have continually spread malicious rumors about my personal life in an effort to discredit me.”  By continuing to expose Fred Newman, I hope to encourage individuals or organizations formerly (or currently) involved with this cult to re-examine their experience and to join me in speaking out.

Marina Ortiz


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