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I'm a fairly new reader of the PRA newsletter and want to commend you on the Fall 2009 issue.

This is a wonderful example of a newsletter that is chock full of good information, very attractively laid out, enriched with great graphics, and which makes a very positive impression on the reader.  All who have a hand in it deserve high praise.

I had not made the connection before between the religious right in the US and the anti-gay Christians in Africa.  I believe you are correct that this alliance is an effort to hinder mainline denominations in the US from pursuing legitimate and overdue social justice goals.

As a retired Unitarian minister, I observe this as an outsider, and I am proud that our denomination, the Unitarian Universalist Association, has moved relatively quickly to embrace and lift up GLBT people at all levels of our religious community.

Many thanks, and congratulations again.

Ralph Mero, West Chester, Penn.

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