The Public Eye - Fall 2009- Vol. 24, No. 3

The Politics of Schism in the Catholic Church

The Public Eye, Fall 2009

I heard recently from one of my regular readers (I’ll call her “Kathy”) who shared her concerns about the future of our shared faith. Like me, she is a Roman Catholic with liberal religious and political inclinations. And, like me, she was distressed by several recent major events in the Church: the Ryan Report documenting generations of sexual abuse by the clergy in Ireland, the hostility expressed by several American bishops towards Notre Dame University for inviting President Obama to give the commencement address, and the recent conversion of Florida’s Father Alberto Cutié to the Episcopal Church.


Janice Shaw Crouse
A Warrior with Words

The Public Eye, Fall 2009

Exactly two months before abortion provider George Tiller was assassinated in the foyer of his church in Wichita, Kansas, Janice Shaw Crouse lent her voice to the chorus of pundits criticizing Tiller’s unwavering support for women who sought his services. In a column published by the right-wing site Town Hall, Crouse is unsparing in denouncing not only Tiller for his “barbaric slaughter,” but also the women who use his services.


The More Things Change
Continuing Threats to Reproductive Freedom

The Public Eye, Fall 2009

In the run-up to the August 2009 Congressional recess, TV ads on health care reform hit the airwaves. The Family Research Council’s political action committee launched a five-state effort to squash a comprehensive health care bill with their spot, set in the future after a liberal version of health care reform has passed. The ad features an elderly couple clearly upset that insurance will not pay for the husband’s needed surgery.


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    Fall 2009
    Vol. 24, No. 3 :

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