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Eyes Right

The Public Eye, Fall 2009

What Woman Want

ConcernedWomen forAmerica staffer Janice Crouse puts a conservative Christian spin on secular statistics fromthe Economic Bureau ofResearch suggesting women are less happy than they used to be.WithoutChristian faith, and being in the homewhere they can devotemore time to worship and being close to God, women won’t be happy, she explains. “Women don’t have the social cohesion they used to have,” says Crouse, continuing “Stay at homemomswhomight have the opportunity to grow personally by learning newskills,whether its home repair type of things, or home based businesses and things” no longer have these opportunities when they enter the paid workforce. An interesting argument fromaworkingwoman! “Goodbye Happy Girl; Decline of Female Happiness,” ConcernedWomen for America.

Eye Lashes

“Neither President Obama nor the Democratic-controlled Congress seems to care for children.They favor killing them in the womb and making taxpayers fund their execution. For those who see the light of day, they want to doom them to failing schools and give them free needles to inject illegal drugs into their veins.” – Dean Mathew D. Staver, Liberty University School of Law.

We [Whites] Built this Country

In case you somehow missed it, TV host Rachel Maddow asked Pat Buchanan why, in his opinion, 108 of the 110 Supreme Court justiceshave beenwhite. His response? “White men were 100%of the people who wrote theConstitution, 100%of the people who signed theDeclarationof Independence, 100%of the peoplewho died atGettysburg andVicksburg, probably close to 100%of the people who died at Normandy. This has been a country built, basically, by white folks in this country,who are [sic] 90%of the entire nation, in 1960 when I was growing up,Rachel, and the other 10%wereAfrican Americans who had been discriminated against.That’s why.” Oh, thanks. Jason Linkins, “Rachel Maddow Takes On Pat Buchanan: ‘You're PlayingWith Fire... You’re Living In The 1950s,’" Huffington Post, July 17, 2009.

Walmart: Too Accepting of Muslims

Themega retailerWalmart is an “apologist[s] for Islamofascism,” charges right-wing punditDebbie Schlussel. Last year shemade that charge after a Dearborn store selling halal meat agreednot toundercut the prices of local halal butcher shops and made donations to Muslim charities. This time, she tars a Minnesota Walmart for letting Muslim employees pray on the premises. Schlussel scoffs, “It’s not a shocker.Wal-Mart isWal- Mosque,” and she’s got a mock television advertisement forWal-Mosque to prove it. “Why is Anyone SurprisedWalMart Caved to Muslims… Again?”, July 21, 2009.

Klan Members Arrested Hiding in Israel

Micky LouisMayon, an allegedKKKmember, was on the FBI’s most wanted list for crimes like torching federal judges’ cars, so he tried to get away bymoving to Israel.After living there for several months, he impregnated his Jewish girlfriend, revealed his criminal background to her, andwas arrested after the woman reported him to authorities. Ironically, he was nabbed by a new intelligence task force searching out illegal aliens that hewould probably championwere it in the United States. Source: “FBI’s wanted man says his Jewish girlfriend is pregnant” YNet News, July 14, 2009.