The Public Eye - Winter 2008- Vol. 23, No. 4

Post-Palin Feminism

From the podium at the Christian Right’s Values Voter Summit in mid-September, National Review Institute’s Kate O’Beirne, 59, pronounced that the “selection of Sarah Palin [as the GOP vice presidential nominee] sounded the death knell of modern American feminism.”

“She’s a prick to the liberal establishment, to the feminists, and to the men who fear them,” she jeered to the audience of Christian Right activists.


Rebranding Fascism

On September 8, 2007 in Sydney, Australia, the streets were filled with an array of groups, such as environmentalists, socialists, and human rights advocates protesting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit taking place in the city. Just like in Seattle during the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization, there was a "Black Bloc"-- a group of militant activists, usually left-wing anarchists, who wore masks and dressed all in black. But this time, they were fascists.

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Saving Monsignor Ryan
Refuting the Myths of Neoconservative Roman Catholic Economics

In October 1936, Monsignor John A. Ryan took to the airwaves to defend the New Deal against the attacks of Father Coughlin, the era's famous radio priest. In many ways, their radio volley still reflects debates raging in the church and in American society today. But a small group of neoconservative Roman Catholic intellectuals ignore the economic justice tradition Monsignor Ryan represents, profoundly influencing the American Catholic Church, as well as broader American public discourse.


Guest Commentary
The Culture Wars Are Still Not Over

The Religious Right in the States and Beyond

In the wake of pre-election punditry that the Religious Right is dead and that the so called Culture Wars are over, I wrote a piece for The Public Eye: “The Culture Wars Are Not Over: The Institutionalization of the Christian Right.”1 The year was 2001, what many now consider to have been the high watermark of the power and influence of the Religious Right in American politics. During the 2008 election season we have heard similar claims by Washington,D.C. insiders and pundits that the Religious Right is dead, dying, or irrelevant or that the culture wars are over or about to be. Such declarations are as wrong now as they were in 2001.


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