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“The Hand of God Has Been Removed from this Nation.”

–Internet Evangelist Bill Keller upon the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of United States, www.liveprayer.com.


Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs at the Liberty Council and Liberty Alliance Action, warns President-elect Obama to recognize that many of his crucial supporters also voted to ban same-sex marriage in California, Arizona, and Florida. As he put it, “…Obama, who has pledged full support for every single demand of extremist homosexual pressure groups, must recalibrate his far-left positions on these and other social issues if he wishes to be an effective leader.… President-elect Obama owes his African- American supporters and the rest of America assurances that he will work to protect the cornerstone institution of legitimate marriage and reject the free-speech killing, religious liberties chilling agenda of the radical homosexual lobby.”

Source: “California Proposition 8 Poll Results: Voters Again Reject Artificial“Gay Marriage” by Matt Barber, November 5, 2008, The Post Chronicle.


Father Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, is breathless in his video statement spelling out the harsh challenges facing the prolife movement under an Obama administration. Obama’s win is “one of the biggest mistakes that the American people have made in the entire history of our nation” because “we have a president-elect who cannot tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public.” Ultimately, while Father Pavone recognizes that the prolife movement will no longer be able to work “inside the White House,” he believes prolifers will be victorious through greater voter education and lobbying.

Source: “An Obamanation: Father Frank Responds,” You Tube, November 5, 2008.


Occasional Presidential candidate and publishing heir Steve Forbes offers his two cents on the road ahead in fighting President elect Obama’s liberal tax policy in a mailing from the anti-tax, anti-union, anti-regulation group Freedom Works. The organization has been at the vanguard of successful efforts to prevent workers from forming all-union workplaces and led numerous smear campaigns to discredit environmental and consumer watchdog groups. Rather than the economic meltdown, Forbes most fears the “nanny state” which he says can be fought with flat-rate taxes, private healthcare, and economic deregulation. The choice, as he says, is “Freedom or Socialism.”That seems like a plan to show who’s in charge.

Source: Direct mail letter from Steve Forbes, Vice President, Freedom Works Foundation November 7, 2008, PRA files.


Vulnerable Americans need investment tips to face off the “tsunami of big-government” and “redistributed wealth” that comes with the Obama victory, says Mark Skousen, a prolific economist. Just follow his seven “Obama- Proof” investments to help individual investors survive, and thrive, as Obama leads “the nation toward the kind of socialism now operating in Western Europe-where production and growth can be charitably described as stagnant.” Essentially, Skousen encourages people to withdraw their money from the American market and invest it in “areas of the globe whose booming growth doesn’t depend on what’s happening with the U.S. economy.” The precise investment tips are available for a steep price in Skousen’s Obamanomics & Your Money: How to Profit from the Coming Big-Government Tsunami.

Source: “Obama-Proof ” Your Portfolio” by Mark Skousen, promotional insert into Human Events.

Winter 2008
Vol. 23, No. 4 :


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