The Public Eye - Fall 2008- Vol. 23, No. 3

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Abstaining From the Truth
Sex Education as Ideology

By Pam Chamberlain

The Osseo Public School District is in most ways a typical Minnesota suburban system: three high schools, scores of athletic teams, and a graduation rate of 94 percent. But for the past ten years, it has run a dual-track curriculum in sexuality education. Students can choose between an abstinence-only health class and a comprehensive sexuality education class—the result of a prolonged, and expensive, debate among community members ofthe district’s human sexuality curriculum advisory committee.


Leaderless Counterterrorism Strategy
The “War on Terror,” Civil Liberties, and Flawed Scholarship
By Chip Berlet

The effectiveness of counterterrorism efforts by the Bush Administration is compromised by flawed analyses based on sloppy scholarship by Marc Sageman and Bruce Hoffman—two leading experts heavily relied on by policymakers. The resulting programs of government surveillance and computerized data-collection are unnecessarily undermining the civil liberties of millions of Muslims and Arabs living in this country, as well as the rights of all Americans.

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American Life League’s Pill Kills Day Links Birth Control and Abortion

By Eleanor J. Bader

Thirty-seven-year-old Erik Martin says he got involved in the American Life League shortly after his eight and 10-year-old children came home from their Blacksburg, Virginia, public school several years ago with an illustrated comic book entitled, It’s Perfectly Normal.


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  • Spying Matters

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