The Public Eye - Winter 2007- Vol. 22, No. 4

Police Roadblock, RNC 2004
Police tactics are increasingly suppressing free speech.
(Christopher Bernard/iStockphoto)
Police Tactics Suppress Free Speech
By Heidi Boghosian and Abby Scher

Miles Swanson was a legal observer at the 2003 protests in Miami against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas when he became victim of a “snatch squad,” a new police tactic where officers drag protestors off, having singled them out based on their perceived political ideology. It is unconstitutional to target someone for arrest based on their political views, but snatch squads are only one of many new government tactics that are chilling Americans’ free speech rights. These measures are rarely passed by Congress or a state legislature, but are devised and adopted informally through expanding networks of police agencies. Now lawyers are learning from past abuses to try to protect protestors attending the Republican and Democratic conventions next summer.

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Think Tank Turns to Family Values
By Pam Chamberlain

The Heritage Foundation is known for winning the ear of Presidents for its conservative economic policies. But in June of 2006, Heritage launched a website,, offering tidbits of research promoting traditional families and the social value of religion. Why have photos of smiling parents and children replaced the staid blue and white Liberty Bell that has represented Heritage for nearly 35 years?

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The Ideal and the Reality of the Christian Right Family
By Jeremy Adam Smith

People who make it their business to track and fight the Right tend, with good reason, to focus on public, political activity, but the Christian Right sees the private home as a major arena of political struggle and a showcase for the world they want to live in. According to key thinkers, the single-family home - awash with enough sentiment to drown an entire city - might be the closest thing the Christian Right has to an actually existing utopian experiment.

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