Mitt Romney vexes even former Republican National Committee official John Lofton who is co-host of the syndicated weekly radio show The American View. Romney and other non-Christian candidates fail to meet scriptural requirements for occupying God-ordained civil government offices.

"This is ridiculous on its face to say that Christians can vote for non-Christians. It's Christ denial, its something that's very serious."

Source: One News Now at http://www.onenewsnow.com/2007/10/radio_host_says_christians_vot.php


Howard Phillips, founder of The Conservative Caucus (TCC), a direct mail operation, has mounted a fundraising campaign to motivate donors who fear One World Government. "In case you haven't heard, high level political figures in the United States, Canada, and Mexico have been working behind the scenes in recent years to put in place a North American Union (NAU)…that would erase our borders, dump our dollar, and overturn our Constitution." Phillips, a former staffperson for Sen. Jesse Helms, asks readers of his well-honed direct mail materials to donate to TCC to prevent the creation of the "Amero," a single currency that will be merged from the U.S. and Canadian dollars and the Mexican peso.

Source: Direct mail solicitation, "Should the United States be Merged with Mexico and Canada in a North American Union (NAU)?" received at PRA October 31, 2007.


Christian Capitalism and the Prosperity Gospel have a new twist: Business as Mission (BAM). These marketplace missions are business ventures located mostly in developing countries where, according to Ken Crowell, owner of Galtronics, "there was little or no Christian witness, to give employment to believers and non-believers…and to support the building of a local church." Businesses are formed not by fundraising through a church but by the capitalization of a businessman's idea. Johnny Combs, consultant to BAMs explains, "Christ was a carpenter for probably fifteen years and then an evangelist for about three. So we businessmen had him for about five times longer."

Source: "The Mission of Business," by Joe Maxwell, Christianity Today, November 2007, 24-28.


The John Birch Society is not only upset about Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007; it says that regulating carbon emissions could result in economic meltdown. "Invariably, it is government intervention in and regulation of the economy that leads, first to shortages, then to wars, famines, and genocides." If environmentalists' proposals are enacted, they "will deindustrialize the developed nations and threaten the peace, stability, and prosperity of the world."

Source: "The Economics of Climate Change," by Dennis Behreandt, The New American, November 12, 2007, 20-24.


Conservatives don't usually quote Robert Samuelson, Newsweek's business analyst. But conservative publications loved this assessment of the causes of poverty that appeared in Samuelson's Washington Post column: "The stubborn persistence of poverty, at least as measured by the government, is increasingly a problem associated with immigration. As more poor Hispanics enter the country, poverty goes up. This is not complicated, but it is widely ignored." Samuelson's other point, that declining poverty rates in the 1990s among blacks and whites (while increasing among Latinos) suggests that the government's poverty fighting programs work, did not win their interest.

Source: "Imported Poverty," by Robert Samuelson, Washington Post, September 5, 2007, p. A21.

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