The Public Eye - Fall 2007- Vol. 22, No. 3

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An Interview with On the Courthouse Lawn author Sherrilyn Ifill
With Tarso Luís Ramos

The memories and legacy of lynchings of African Americans fifty years ago still shape the politics and lives of those living where they happened. So discovered civil rights lawyer Sherrilyn Ifill while she was trying a discrimination case in Maryland. The Public Eye explored the impact in this exclusive interview.

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New Theme of Right to Life Committee
By Eleanor J. Bader

The mood was upbeat at the National Right to Life Committee gathering in Kansas City, Missouri, this past June. Except perhaps at the solemn session where, one after another, men rise and confess that they, too, once participated in an abortion.

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The Long, Strange History of R.J. Rushdoony and Christian Reconstructionism
By Michael J. McVicar

Since the movement's emergence in the mid-1960s, Christian Reconstructionism has always been a little different from other factions of American conservatism. It wins attention for its call for the eventual end of democracy in favor of a Christian theocracy. But its founder R.J. Rushdoony's roots in libertarianism also shape its politics in unexpected ways.

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Also in this issue:
Book Review

The Conservatism of Radicals by Abby Scher

Editorial by Chip Berlet
Eyes Right

  • "Single-Payer Healthcare Breeds Terrorism!"
  • "Those Narcissistic and Snobby Leftists!"
  • Reports in Review

  • Mapping Inequality
  • Secrecy, an Ally of an Imperial Presidency

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