The Public Eye - Summer 2007- Vol. 22, No. 2

Unwanted Allies on the Right
By Pam Chamberlain

In the high-adrenaline, and heavily heterosexual, world of Beltway lobbyists, the gay Log Cabin Republicans have their work cut out for them. Ostracized by the Republican Party which continues to receive their fierce loyalty, the LCR is the group that represents the dilemma of gay conservatives: they want to be players on the Republican team, but who is willing to put them in the lineup?

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Exposing the Right's Attacks on Mainline Protestantism
By John Dorhauer

The Institute on Religion and Democracy is a well-funded, under the radar organization bent on fomenting dissent within and demoralizing from without Mainline Protestant denominations. It works by turning internal disagreements away from dialogue and into all out battles at which the very life of a congregation is at stake. Even if a church remains within a denomination, too often its social justice agenda is silenced.

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By Doug Muder

It's easy - maybe too easy - for a Democrat to be optimistic these days. Unless you're over fifty, you don't remember the last election night as enjoyable as 2006: 1964, when LBJ apparently crushed the far Right for good. As delicious as this moment is, liberals like me need to step back from it and ask this question: Will 2006/2008 be a historic turning point, or just a Watergate-like stumble in America's decades-long march to the Right?

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