The Public Eye Magazine - Fall 2006 - Vol. 20, No. 3

'Good' Latinos and 'Bad' Latinos in the Age of Homeland Security and Global War
By Roberto Lovato

If you want to understand how Homeland Security influences us, go to south Texas and take a walk around neighborhoods whose streets were paved by the "clash of civilizations" in cities and towns at or near the border. One such street is San Antonio's Military Drive where, on any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, you can, if you pay close attention, watch some of the directions Latino identity is taking in times of war.

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From Joe McCarthy to David Horowitz
By Aaron Barlow

Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter: these are perhaps the best known of the right-wing commentators who seem to have trouble with the truth -- although their lies have little impact on their careers. The list also includes David Horowitz, the former leftist who has become a spokesman for right-wing causes and, perhaps more importantly, something of a conservative movement tactician.

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By Michelle Goldberg
On Tuesday, July 18th, for the first time in ten years, protesters arrived on Dr. Joseph Booker's block in Jackson, Mississippi. They went door to door, ringing bells and telling people that their neighbor, the state's last abortion provider, is a baby killer. A few weeks before that, protestors showed up at the Raleigh, North Carolina, home of Susan Hill, the owner of the Jackson Women's Health Organization, the clinic where Booker works. Soon the death threats started coming. "There is a feeling that things are ramping up," Hill says. "The protestors that we see in various places are more vocal, screaming, not just protesting." In her experience, clinic violence is often preceded by just this kind of heightened rhetoric.

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By Kristina Wilfore
In 2004, the Right deployed state ballot initiatives opposing gay marriage to pull out socially conservative voters on Election Day. While this tactic apparently only enjoyed success in the key state of Ohio, it nonetheless helped frame the national election, provided right-wing candidates with a distinct message, and primed voters to support candidates who supported the marriage bans. The Right is running with the issue again this year, while also appealing to economically conservative voters with initiatives "protecting" taxpayers, opposing eminent domain, and cutting education spending.

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