The Public Eye - Summer 2006 - Vol. 20, No. 2

In his notebook, Charles Darwin sketched the 'tree of life' depicting evolution, now on exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

How Anti-Abortion Myths Feed the Christian Right Agenda
By Pam Chamberlain

David Hagar, an OB/GYN physician and a graduate of evangelical Ashbury College in Kentucky, is famous as a man with a mission. Hager believes emergency contraception (EC) is abortion by any other name, and he refuses to administer it in his own practice, based on his religious beliefs. Like other pro-lifers, he maintains that EC terminates a pregnancy by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg despite the absence of any research that supports such a claim.
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By Pete Simi and Robert Futrell

Today, with a simple keyword search such as "Aryan" or "white power," websurfers can easily find a growing number of white power websites where acidly racist and anti-Semitic themes replete with visions of racial separation or even violent racial extermination are the norm.

But more than supporting virtual communication among often isolated members, the web has proved invaluable for organizing real-world gatherings of Aryans that cultivate and nurture a sense of community.
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GOP Revives Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign for '06
By Doug Ireland
As George Bush’s approval ratings on the Iraq war and the economy continue their slide downward, the Republican Party is determined to use the gay marriage issue and other punitive anti-gay measures to retain control of Congress in the 2006 mid-term elections, and defend their one-state control of state legislatures. Why revive the anti-gay marriage fight? Because it works.
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By Adem Carroll
As director of the provocative Jihad Watch website, as well as author of Islam Unveiled and Onward Muslim Soldiers, Robert Spencer seems to see himself as a commander in a struggle. His enemy is not a specific group of Muslims with particular aims and aspirations but instead a monolithic and unchanging Islam. On scores of radio and TV shows, he fulminates against the religion as a self-appointed expert, despite a lack of serious credentials or even, apparently, interest in the richness of his subject matter. In his intolerance and literalism, Spencer is remarkably like those extremists he condemns.
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Book Review

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by Donald T. Critchlow
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"Move Over, Christopher Reeve," "Team America (Not the Cartoon!)," and more...
Reports in Review

Jumping the Broom: A Black Perspective on Same-Gender Marriage
By the Equality Maryland Foundation, Inc. and the National Black Justice Coalition

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