The Public Eye Magazine - Spring 2006 - Vol. 20, No. 1

By Jeffrey P. Moran

Dover is over, for now. Beginning in 2004, an elected school board attempted to change the Dover, PA, science curriculum so that it cast significant doubt on the evolutionary hypothesis.

Although no one believes that we have heard our last from the Intelligent Design bunch, it may be useful at this resting point to take a longer view of the controversy.
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The Fight Against the Patriot Act and the Surveillance State
By Abby Scher

Terry Hoover, a gun rights advocate and former deputy sheriff, once had a pink submachine gun made as a gift for his wife. He is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. And in Idaho, he was a member of a right/left coalition called the Boise Patriots.

If the Patriot Act gives rise to any positive legacy, it is the “strange bedfellows” coalitions like Hoover’s.
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The Right Targets the UN with its Anti-Choice Politics
By Pam Chamberlain
What began during the Reagan years as tentative steps into the international arena in the name of curtailing abortions has grown into a major political success under the administration of G.W. Bush.
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By Frederick Clarkson
These days, the battle lines are drawn over such issues as same sex marriage and ordination of gay and lesbian priests and ministers. But as important as these matters are, the stakes are far larger.
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Also in this issue:
Book Review

'The Republican War On Science'
By Chris Mooney
Book Review

'The Death of Feminism'
By Phyllis Chesler
Reports in Review

Downsizing Cities
by Lee Cokorinos, Center for Policy Initiatives
Framing Our Values Better from The Rockridge Institute

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