The Public Eye Magazine - Fall 2005 - Vol. 19, No. 2

Growing Pains or Arrested Development?
By Pam Chamberlain

To judge by the amount of media attention, the campus Right had a good year. Or a good two years.

Students staged a Capture an Illegal Immigrant Day, published increasing numbers of campus newspapers with decidedly right-wing editorial policies, and lobbied for a Student Academic Bill of Rights on multiple campuses and in several state legislatures to bring attention to what they saw as silenced conservative voices on campus.
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Toward a Dialogue with George Lakoff
By William A. Gamson and Charlotte Ryan

Since last November’s election, George Lakoff's book, Don't Think of an Elephant!, has deservedly captured the imagination of mainstream Democrats and of many progressives as well. He offers us the promise that we can achieve our political vision if only we spent a little more time framing” our messages to appeal to mainstream America.

But we shouldn't get so excited about Lakoff's contribution that we overlook some deafening silences or, to switch metaphors in midstream, some glaring blind spots in his way of framing American politics.
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Fighting the Far Right With Research
By Abby Scher
People wondered who was tucking neo-Nazi literature in their corner of Montana paradise. Everybody was talking. Some people started organizing.
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Also in this issue:
Guest Commentary
By Teresa Odendahl
Philanthropic Patriot Games: How the U.S. Government Targets Charities in its War on Terror
Book Review

'With God On Their Side'
By Esther Kaplan
Reports in Review

Surveillance-Industrial Complex
by Jay Stanley, American Civil Liberties Union

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