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Black Conservative Publications

The Lincoln Review and the quarterly Issues and Views, published and edited by Elizabeth Wright of New York City, are the most prominent Black conservative publications. Both quarterlies publish articles by and about Black conservatives. The Lincoln Review focuses on both domestic and foreign policy. During the Cold War, the Review was known for its rabid anti-communist editorial line. The Review is anti-choice, pro-death penalty, anti-affirmative action, pro-defense spending, anti-Martin Luther King national holiday, pro-school prayer, anti-Washington, DC statehood. It is also unreservedly and uncritically supportive of Israel.

Issues and Views focuses on "self-help" and entrepreneurial activity in the Black community. Jay Parker and Walter Williams are advisors to Issues and Views. Lesser-known publications include Emmanuel McLittle's Destiny magazine, published in East Lansing, Michigan, and Earl Ofari Hutchinson's bi-monthly newsletter. Hutchinson is a Pacific News Service commentator and owner of IMPACT! Publications.

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