The Roots of the Leaderless Resistance Concept

150 Questions for a Guerrilla

The Amoss essay is said by some authors to have been republished in a 1963 Paladin Press edition of the revolutionary instruction manual 150 Questions for a Guerrilla by Alberto Bayo Giroud.

No such edition has been located to date by PRA, and repeated attempts to contact Paladin Press for confirmation have been ignored. The publisher is related to Soldier of Fortune magazine, which is popular in the Patriot and White Supremacist movements, in which Louis Beam was circulating. One edition of the Bayo booklet did contain photographs and text supporting the training of anti-Castro guerrillas.

This book was published by Panther Publications in Boulder, Colorado. Translation by Hugo Hartensterin and Dennis Harber, and edited by Robert K. Brown.

The first English edition, first printing, in February 1963 contained an eight-page apendix calling for support for Cuban exiles and containing several photographs of training.

The second printing, July 1963, did not contain this material. Some phrasing and text in the second printing differed slightly from the first edition.


The second printing lacked the appendix on support for Cuban exiles, and had a revised cover graphic

Robert K. Brown founded Panther publications and co-founded Paladin publications, as well as Soldier of Fortune magazine, which he still publishes and edits. His role in Paladin publications, created in 1970 as a partnership, ceased in 1974. The next year he founded Soldier of Fortune magazine.

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