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Speakers at the Press Conference 7/16/02

Press Conference
7.16.02, 11am

Speaking Today:

Nikhil Aziz, Research Analyst (pronounced Nik-heal A-zeez),  was Assistant Professor of Political Science at Illinois State University before joining PRA in July 2000.  He has a Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Denver where he wrote his thesis, “Globalization-from-Below: The Critical Theory/Praxis of Shudratva in India,” on the National Alliance of People’s Movements. He was involved in human rights documentation, education, advocacy and community outreach at the Center on Human Rights Development at the University of Denver and the Iliff School of Theology. His research and publications have mainly been in the area of international human rights and he worked for a number of years as Associate Editor of Africa Today and Editor of Global Justice.

Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst (pronounced Burr-lay), is a veteran freelance writer and photographer who specializes in investigating right-wing social movements, apocalyptic scapegoating and conspiracism, and authoritarianism. A PRA staffer since 1982, he has written, edited and co-authored numerous articles on right-wing activity and government repression for publications as varied as The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Progressive, The Nation, The Humanist, and The Columbia Journalism Review. Mr. Berlet edited Eyes Right! Challenging the Right-wing Backlash, co-published by PRA and South End Press, a popular primer on the right. He is also co-author with Matthew N. Lyons of Right-wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort, Guilford Press, 2000.

Kate Cloud, Director, has been involved with non-profit administration for the past two decades. Before coming to PRA in the summer of 2000, Kate had been the Executive Director of RESPOND, a Boston-based domestic violence prevention program, for ten years. Prior to joining Respond, Kate was a community representative at the Massachusetts Office for Children.

Paul Dunphy, the report co-author, is an education policy analyst and veteran journalist whose work has appeared in more than two dozen journals, newspapers and magazines including The Progressive, The New York Times, and the The Boston Globe.

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