Anti-Indian Sovereignty Movement and its Politicians

Indian Country Today
"Indian nations are forming a serious united front against the growing forces focused on destroying the bases of Indian sovereignty under United States law.

"At its 58th Annual Session the National Congress of American Indians, with its membership of more than 250 tribal governments from every region of Indian country, adopted a resolution condemning the actions of anti-Indian organizations and hate groups. Likewise, at its January 2002 Impact Week in Washington, D.C., the 24 Indian nation members of the United South and Eastern Tribes passed a resolution identifying and condemning groups intent on eliminating American Indian governments, societies and cultures. Both of these respected American Indian advocacy organizations appropriately called attention to anti-Indian groups including but not limited to Citizens for Equal Rights Alliance, United Property Owners, and Upstate Citizens for Equality.

"The backlash movement against the honorable foundation of tribal government sovereignty by regional, and increasingly, nationally networked anti-Indian organizations represents a serious political challenge that Indian nations must confront. It is of utmost importance that the nations and all Indian leadership everywhere understand that no matter how much local clout you might have, all Indian nations are, of necessity, in it together on such critical termination movements that would deny American Indian freedoms and liberties in their aboriginal lands.

"The current anti-Indian movement has several bases in the non-Indian population, and even enjoys allies among a very few Indians who have turned on their own governments, for whatever reasons."  Read More...

Tribes beware new face of Indian bashing

Anti-Indian organization ‘One Nation’ sprouts in Oklahoma

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Indian Issues and Anti-Indian Organizing

Prepared for the Western Lands Gopher by Dan Thurman
Center for Democratic Renewal
'This tract examines the evolution of modern anti-Indian movements in North America, and the varied ways that Indian and Indian support movements have responded to them. It also contends that anti-Indian movements cannot be countered without an understanding of deeper economic, political, and cultural issues." Read More...

Some Pro-Sovereignty and Indian Rights Groups

Honor Our Neighbors, Origins, and Rights (HONOR)


Some Examples of Anti-Indian Sovereignty Groups and Individuals:

It is not uncommon to find members of various tribes active in groups that challenge sovereighty claims or disparage Indian rights activists.

Citizen's Equal Rights Alliance

Citizen's Equal Rights Foundation is a related group:
Board of Directors for CERF;
Curt Knoke  President
J. Tonny Bowman  Vice-President
Roland Morris  Secretary
Darrel Smith  Treasurer
Dying in Indian Country
Roland Morris, Sr., and Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris essay

Roland Norris, Sr. bio and essay

Using the Charge of Racism as a tool of censorship
by Darrel Smith

Some information on individual states

Reservation Report

"Reservation Report is a news and information alert service pertaining to U.S. Native American Indian reservation policies and matters affecting the lives and welfare of Indian, non-tribal Indian and non-Indian residents in and around such reservations throughout the nation. Copies of Reservation Report are offered here in PDF format."

David A. Yeagley

A member of the Comanche Tribe, Yeagley routinely belittles Indian rights activists for a right-wing online news outlet, Front Page magazine.


Other Groups

Compiled by Larry Kirby in 1996

All Citizens Equal, Montana
American Land Rights Association, National
Cheyenne River Landowners Association, South Dakota
Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, National
Citizens Right Organization, Montana
Concerned Citizens Council, Nebraska
Concerned Citizens for Property Rights Inc., National
East Slope Taxpayers Association, Montana
Equal Rights for Everyone, Wisconsin
International Association of Fish and Wildlife
Interstate Congress for Equal Rights and Responsibilities
National Coal Association
National Mining Coalition
National Wildlife Association
North Dakota Committee for Equality
People For The West, National
Protect Americans Rights and Resources, Wisconsin
Steelhead/Salmon Protective Association and Wildlife Network
Trout Unlimited, National
U.S. Farm Bureau, National
Western States Coalition
Wisconsin Alliance for Rights and Resources


Sometimes anti-Indian sovereighty groups overlap with and join coalitions of groups opposing environmental regulation. See for example, the
Grassroots ESA Coalition (Endangered Species Act).
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