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(appendix from a conference paper on Telecommunications and Privacy presented by Chip Berlet at a national conference in 1985)

NOTE: This appendix contains an edited compilation of messages from a network of three computer bulleting boards connected to the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations, and another system run by a distributor of racist literature in the South. Much of the material on the four systems is the same, and the material here is drawn from all four systems. The material contains racist rhetoric against Blacks and Jews, threats and innuendoes regarding violence, and possibly defamatory material. It is reproduced here, with apologies to all offended, as an example of the darker potential of Bulletin Board Systems. Downloaded by author January - June 1985.

The symbols ... and = = = indicate editing for space

#1: Aryan Nations Liberty Net - Opening Screens

#2: Revolutionary Majorities by Louis R. Beam

#3: Message by "Christian Patriot"

#4: CPDL Intelligence Report

#5: Sample Uploaded Messages

#6: Liberty Bell - Antisemitic Post

#7: Liberty Bell - "Postscripts" by Revilo P. Oliver

#8: Statement of "Red" Warthan

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