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corp-focus -- Sharp-edged commentary on corporate power

When they began their campaign for political power in the 1960s, the ideologues of the New Right were outside the main branch of the Republican Party with their embrace of privatization of essential government services, tax cuts for the wealthy as a supposed economic engine, union-busting, and deregulation of environmental and other protective laws. Today this network - through their new think tanks' skillful reframing of issues, coalition building with the Christian Right, and enormous expenditure of money to mobilize voters - has significant influence in the Republican Party, and is a major force in shaping public policy debates in the United States.

In the past five years, the free marketers have forged common ground with conservative Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists similar to "fusionist" coalitions of conservatives in the 1950s; and the campaign against Roosevelt's New Deal in the 1930s.

By portraying "Big Government" as tyrannical; taxes as theft, and a full employment economy as a utopian heresy, the New Right defends unfair power and privilege for a tiny wealthy minority.

The Right's Attack on Aid to Families with Dependent Children
(expanded version)

The Public Eye, Spring 1996


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