Facing the Wrath:
Confronting the Right in Dangerous Times

Sara Diamond
(Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 1997)
236 pages - Paperback $16.95
(ISBN 1-56751-078-7)

A collection of Diamond's columns from Z Magazine and The Humanist


Review from Under the Covers
For those who think that the conservative movement in America starts with Rush Limbaugh, passes by Newt Gingrich, and stops at Ralph Reed, Sara Diamond has written a new book that tells people to think again. Diamond, one of the most respected researchers in the US on the New Right, has spent the last ten years actually going to the religious conferences all over America, and reading the literature, so she knows what she is talking about.

In this book, she takes a survey look at present day religious conservatism in America, ranging from Randall Terry and Operation Rescue to Christian talk radio to the Posse Comitatus and militia groups. The first step in opposing any group whose goals one does not share is information about that group. For those opposing the Religious Right, Facing the Wrath is an excellent resource and a great place to start.
--Paul Lappen (11/10/96)

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