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Conservative Infrastructure

Articles on spread of anti-Clinton conspiracy theories

Chip Berlet

Political Research Associates

A Selected List Arranged Chronologically

Articles included in the White House memo on "Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce," are noted with [WH/CSCC].

Kenn Thomas, "Clinton Era Conspiracies! Was Gennifer Flowers on the Grassy Knoll? Probably Not, but Here Are Some Other Bizarre Theories for a New Political Age," The Washington Post, 1/16/94, p. C3. In WH/CSCC.

Carol Jouzaitis, "From the Folks Who Brought You Willie Horton, Here's Whitewater," Chicago Tribune 3/27/94, Perspective, p. 1.

=========== James Carville, "Media Food Chain," Press Briefing, 4/6/94 ============

First discussion of conspiracy mongering by Democratic political operative

David S. Broder, "Clinton Strategist Has The Press for Breakfast," Washington Post, 4/7/94, p. A16. In WH/CSCC.

Lisa Hoffman, "Whitewater and Oklahoma City Get Linked as Conspiracy," Scripps Howard News Service, 4/28/95. In WH/CSCC.

Martin Kasindor, "Foes of Bill in Frenzy; Conservatives Spin Theories, Tales, Tips," Newsday, 5/29/94. In WH/CSCC.

Andrew Ferguson, "You Won't Believe This," Washingtonian Magazine, May 1994. In WH/CSCC.

Trudy Lieberman, "Churning Whitewater," Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 1994, online.

Newsday, "Clinton Enemies More Rabid Than Ever," San Francisco Chronicle, 6/9/94.

Sidney Blumenthal, "The Friends of Paula Jones, The New Yorker, 6/20/94, pp. 38-43.

Erik Eckholm, "From Right, a Rain of Anti-Clinton Salvos," New York Times, 6/26/94, p. 1.

David Corn, "Contract on Bill," The Nation, 12/12/94, p. 714. In WH/CSCC

Keith Clark, "Dannemeyer's latest political Conspiracy Theory: Clinton is Murderer," News Telegraph, 7/2294-8/11/94, p. 15.

Rod Dreher, "Relentless Clinton Bashers Will Stop At Nothing; Only Ouster Or Prison Will Satisfy Them," The Washington Times, 9/1/94, p. A9. In WH/CSCC.

Mike Royko, "Rupert Murdoch's Scumbag Connection," column, Chicago Tribune, 2/16/95, p. 3. In WH/CSCC. Discusses William Rees-Mogg. In WH/CSCC

Ellen Joan Pollock, "Vince Foster's Death Is a Lively Business for Conspiracy Buffs," Wall Street Journal, 3/23/95. In WH/CSCC.

David L. Michelmore, "Right Wingers Claim Clinton Lawyer's Death is a Cover-up," Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 4/30/95, p. A1. In WH/CSCC. Discusses Scaife, Irvine, Ruddy, Farah, internet.

Susan Schmidt, Two Years After Foster's Death, Conspiracy Theories Thrive," The Washington Post, 7/4/95. In WH/CSCC. Mentions Sherman K. Skolnick, Scaife, Ruddy, Irvine, Farah.

Tim Weiner, One Source, Many Ideas in Foster Case," The New York Times, 8/13/95, p. 19. In WH/CSCC. Discusses Scaife and Ruddy.

Kathy Kiely, "Magnate Keeps Eye on Foster Case," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/25/95, p. 1. In WH/CSCC. Looks at Scaife and who he funds.

60 Minutes debunks Christopher Ruddy stories on Foster, 10/8/95. In WH/CSCC.

Frank Rich, "Why Foster Lives," column, The New York Times, 10/11/95. In WH/CSCC.

[Fragment] "The Attack Machine," The New York Times Magazine, 11/12/95. In WH/CSCC. Looks at conservative infrastructure.

=============== Memo prepared in 1995 by White House ===============

Memo prepared in 1995 by the White House counsel's office, with attachments, "Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce," obtained from the White House Press Office.

Trudy Lieberman, The Vincent Foster Factory, Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 1996, online.

=============== White House Memo is Revealed in 1997 ===============

First revealed by editorial writer Micah Morrison in Wall Street Journal, 1/6/97. See criticism of the memo in "Who's Shooting the Messenger Now?" Media Watch, March 1997.

Philip Weiss, "Clinton Crazy," The New York Times Magazine, 02/23/97.

Neil A. Lewis, "Group Behind Paula Jones Gains Critics as Well as Fame," New York Times, 1/18/98, p. 18. On Rutherford.

Tim Weiner and Jill Abramson, Clinton Foes Have Ties, but They Deny They Are Acting in Concert," The New York Times, 1/28/98

Gene Lyons, "There is, too, a conspiracy, And it began with Gennifer Flowers," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 2/6/98, online.

Murray Waas and Jonathan Broder, "The Ties that Bind," Salon, 3/18/98,

Karen Gullo, "Wealthy Clinton Foe Lets His Money Do The Talking," The Associated Press, in The Record, Northern New Jersey, 6/10/98.

Conservative Infrastructure

Some repetition from above

John S. Saloma, Ominous Politics: The New Conservative Labyrinth, excerpt from chapter 3, (New York: Hill and Wang, 1984). In WH/CSCC.

Gregg Easterbrook, "Ideas Move Nations: How conservative think tanks have helped to transform the terms of political debate," The Atlantic, January 1986, p. 66. In WH/CSCC.

Leon Howell, "Funding the War of Ideas," The Christian Century, 7/19, 1995, p. 701. In WH/CSCC.

Phil Kuntz, Heir Turned Publisher Uses Financial Largess to Fuel Conservatism, The Wall Street Journal, 10/12/95, p. A1. In WH/CSCC.

[Fragment] "The Attack Machine," The New York Times Magazine, 11/12/95. In WH/CSCC. Looks at conservative infrastructure.

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