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Confluence: The Impeachment Rally in Washington, DC

A "Take America Back" rally in October 1997 was held near the Capitol building during the massive Promise Keepers "Stand in the Gap" assembly on the Mall.

The program for the "Take America Back" rally was a tabloid newspaper that featured calls for the impeachment of Clinton, and arch references to "Clinton's alleged background in drug smuggling, ties to multiple un-natural deaths of those around him, etc."212 The program urged readers to call Congressman Henry Hyde and demand impeachment hearings in the House Judiciary Committee. An article quoted rally organizer Charles Phillips as saying the event was "a national kick-off for an ongoing movement to reclaim America from liberality, immorality and even possible sell-out to a foreign power..."213

Alan Keyes

The keynote speaker at the Take America Back rally was Alan Keyes, described in promotional materials as championing a "conservative pro-family, pro-life message." He hosts a nationally-syndicated radio talk-show. Keyes, an ultra-conservative African-American, was one of the most militant and ideologically-purist of those seeking the 1996 Republican Party presidential nomination, competing with Pat Buchanan for that distinction. Keyes was appointed US Ambassador to the UN Economic and Social Council by Reagan, and later was Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations. His appointments reflected the political clout of the Christian Right within the Republican Party.

Pat Matrisciana

The topic of featured speaker Pat Matrisciana was "Executive Branch Integrity." One of the many items distributed during the impeachment rally was a 12-page booklet titled "The Citizens Presidential Impeachment Indictment" from Matrisciana's Citizens for Honest Government.

Randall Terry

Another speaker listed was Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, speaking on "Constitutional Government."

Rutherford's Steve Aden

The topic of a speech given by Steve Aden of the Rutherford Institute, was "Judicial System and Persecution of Christians." A large amount of Rutherford material was stacked on a table at the rally. Although Aden stuck to his topic, the rally itself turned into a highly politicized event in which calls for the impeachment of Clinton took center stage, and discussion of Clinton's involvement in numerous conspiracies was commonplace. According to Aden, his speech was "non-political, and although I did take note that others at the rally were making political speeches, when I was asked to make a political statement I declined to do so."214

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