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The Clinton Chronicles Video

By Fred Clarkson

Citizens for Honest Government, producer of The Clinton Chronicles video, is a project of Creative Ministries Inc., a Westminster, Calif., nonprofit. Creative Ministries spawned Pat Matrisciana's production company, Jeremiah Films, which made The Clinton Chronicles, as well as videos that attack Mormons, gays, and environmentalists. The company also makes apocalyptic videos such as "Earths Two-Minute Warning," which examines "Bible-predicted signs of the end times." Matrisciana also distributes a film that "proves" UFOs are real. However, these aliens are not from outer space. They have been sent by Satan as part of "a worldwide enterprise of subliminal production."

While videos about the end of the world and UFOs may seem to be an unlikely addition to Matrisciana's arsenal of political propaganda videos, this supernatural conspiracy involves Clinton. Many premillenialist evangelicals believe that a final showdown with the forces of Satan is at hand, embodied in the activities of Clinton and his inner circle.

The video (and a book version) implicate Clinton in cocaine sniffing, drug smuggling, money laundering, murder (of Vince Foster) and sexual harassment (of Paula Jones). This video stew of allegations seeks to convince conservative Christians that Clinton is a satanically inspired rascal who is capable of anything. The film's biggest public booster has been the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who hawked the film on his nationally broadcast television program, The Old Time Gospel Hour. Reportedly, 150,000 copies of the video have been sold.

An article by investigative reporter Murray Waas in the Web zine Salon disclosed internal Citizens For Honest Government financial documents showing that the group paid at least $200,000 to various "expert witnesses" who are featured in The Clinton Chronicles. These "experts" fed information to independent counsel Kenneth Starr, and helped launch investigations by congressional committees and federal agencies. The American Spectator and The Wall Street Journal have both relied on "witnesses" paid by Citizens For Honest Governments as sources for stories.

Where Citizens for Honest Government gets its funding is unknown. Waas reports that Matrisciana and Scaife-sponsored reporter Christopher Ruddy share a bank account. As of September 1997, it contained more than $3 million. He also writes that "modest payments" have been made from that account to "critics of the president." It is not clear, however, who was the original source of the funds. Matrisciana told Waas that neither Citizens for Honest Government nor he received any funds from Scaife.

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