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Apocalyptic Frames, Millennial Glasses

The Jeremiah Project is not connected to Jeremiah films, although they both dislike Clinton. Various Jeremiah, Joseph, and Joshua projects now populate the Internet. The Jeremiah Project web site includes a section on Clinton's "High Crimes and Misdemeanors," which lists many links to discussions of alleged criminal behavior by President Clinton."152 One sublink had a variant on the Clinton body count, the "Clinton Casualties:"

    A "Casualty" is defined as anyone threatened with harm or actually harmed because of their knowledge of and/or involvement in one or more of the Clinton Scandals.

    The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who are presumed to be "Casualties" of the various Clinton scandals. President Clinton has told political supporters in Arkansas he will devote a lot of time going after detractors who pursued him on Whitewater and other ethical questions. (USA Today, November 8, 1996). It is a partial list because new additions are added regularly and the full extent of being associated with Bill Clinton is not completely known.

    The accounting of these mysterious deaths began in 1994 when in a letter to congressional leaders, former Rep. William Dannemeyer listed 24 people with some connection to Clinton who had died "under other than natural circumstances" and called for hearings on the matter. Dannemeyer's list of "suspicious deaths" was largely taken from one compiled by Linda Thompson, an Indianapolis lawyer, containing the names of 34 people she believed died suspiciously and who had ties to the Clinton family. [Ed. Note: Thompson was an early militia leader.]

    Some of the "Casualties" were openly murdered, but many were killed in such a way so that their deaths could be ruled accidents or suicides. This was especially true if they died in Arkansas where the medical examiners routinely rule apparent murders as either accidents or suicides when it suits political purposes. In fact, this is so common that it is often referred to as "Arkancide" or "Arkansas Suicide."153

The worldview expressed by the Jeremiah Project is common in this sector of the far Christian Right that overlaps with the patriot movement. There is also a focus on apocalyptic themes of moral decay and sin.

    For the first time in our history the leadership of this great country willfully and philosophically turned away from the covenantal vision and biblical principles of our Founders. On January 20, 1993, our new President, joined by many in the land, formally `broke' the covenant of our Fathers when he and the affirming electorate demonstrated allegiance to his `new covenant' and began promoting as `constitutional' those things which God condemns.

    For the first time in American history we have a president that has openly endorsed the killing of babies, openly encourages homosexuality as a lifestyle, and encourages the pagan worship of Mother Earth....

    This nation has forsaken God and as a result we can see in our families, our schools, the inner-cities, our government, indeed in all areas of our lives, the removal of God's blessing.

    The crime in our streets, the poverty in the inner-cities, the war zones in our homes and the violence of our children will not end until we understand the days we are living. Contrary to liberal propaganda, we don't have an economic problem, we have a problem of our spirit. We have willfully and systematically rejected God and as a result, we are now beginning to experience the fruit of that sin.

A similar right wing Christian conspiracist website called Exegesis runs the following lists:

    Reliable US News Sources:

    The Washington Times, World Net Daily, NewsMax, C-SPAN, Christian Science Monitor, National Review, The Drudge Report, World Magazine, Conservative News Service.

    Liberal/Socialist US Media

    The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Time, The Boston Globe, US News and World Report, MSNBC, CNN.154

On his website, apocalyptic televangelist Texe Marrs adds the bitter herb of anti-Semitism in "The Esther Option," an April 1998 article with the subtitle: "The Untold Story Of The Secret War For Global Supremacy Between Two Rival Jewish Factions." A longer audiotape provides the full story "For Your Gift of $10." The teasers read:

    Discover why the future of America and the world may now rest on the shoulders of a giggly, immoral, 24 year old, Jewish woman named Monica Lewinsky-a woman acclaimed by many religious Jews as their new "Queen Esther." [Originally in all caps.]

    Has Vice President Al Gore been chosen by...the right-wing Jewish faction to replace Clinton as President of the United States? If and when Gore does take office, will the new President prove more loyal to their cause? Will a prophetic chain of events then lead to the appearance of the antichrist in a rebuilt, great Jewish temple in Jerusalem?155

Buy the tape. Stay tuned. The millennium is near.

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