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Patriot Conspiracism

Further to the right, numerous groups reflecting the conspiracism of the patriot movement issued attacks on Clinton. Representative examples include The Free Republic, the American Sentinel, and the John Birch Society.

The Free Republic is a loosely knit organization that exists primarily as a web page with articles and discussion groups. Periodically the group stages a demonstration. Here is an example of where the patriot movement and the theocratic Chistian Right can intersect with more mainstream sectors of the anti-Clinton campaign.

Jim Robinson of Free Republic echoes the basic position of the patriot movement:

    The federal government has overstepped its Constitutional limits and the complicit media is acting in concert to continue the illegal government expansion and to strengthen its own stranglehold on truth and to continue its agenda of projecting the socialist government propaganda slant on the news.

    ...the government and the corporate media have over the years created, through regulation and policy, a liberal propaganda machine whose goal is to continue the expansion of a collective state and to control every aspect of our lives and fortunes.

    We, the People, are exercising our Constitutional right to free speech to alert our elected representatives to fulfill their Constitutional duty.

The patriot movement was awash with this type of right wing populist conspiracism rooted in anti-collectivist ideology. Consider the statement of Dr. L. K. Landis circulated by Wilderness Voice Publications and posted in the White Water topic discussion group:

Mother of the Village People

    According to an article in the December 8, 1995 issue of Human Events, First Lady (?) Hillary Rodham (even she was so embarrassed by it that she refused to take her husband's last name until after he was elected president) Clinton has written a book title "It Takes a Village." The thesis of the upcoming book on child rearing supposedly comes from an African proverb that maintains children should be raised by a whole village.

    To quote the article written by Floyd G. Brown, " appears that Mrs. Clinton's manual on child rearing will showcase her radical ideas on parenting and the family. In this, model parents rights are secondary and the village (i.e. the state) knows better than the parents how to raise a child."

    Four years ago when the Clintons were running for president, I warned that they had a hidden agenda which was not thoroughly revealed in the news media. Mr. Clinton's adulterous lifestyle and Hillary's open, flagrant attack on the institution of motherhood were brought to the surface during their campaign, but their radical philosophies on "children's rights" and child rearing were not exposed until after they were fully intrenched in Washington.

    God's people must loudly proclaim outrage against this socialist propaganda of a society better fit to raise children than the parents to whom God gave them. Remember, "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." Children are NOT the property of the state, but rather a gift from God.138

This excerpt from a short post is worth dissecting. The author cites to an article in the ultra-conservative Human Events written by Floyd G. Brown who runs the anti-Clinton Citizens United. Liberalism, radicalism, feminist principles, statist collectivism, and socialism are seen as a package. Biblical scripture is quoted.

On October 31, 1998, Free Republic staged a "March for Justice" in Washington, D.C. Invited speakers included Larry Klayman, Gary Aldrich, Matt Drudge, Alan Keyes, Rep. Bob Barr, Lucianne Goldberg, Ann Coulter, Reed Irvine, and former Arkansas State Trooper L. D. Brown.

When Clinton cited his old professor, Carrol Quigley, during the campaign and in his convention speech, he inadvertently mentioned a Birch Society hero. The Birchers and others in the patriot movement have long claimed that Quigley revealed the truth about the Anglophile network of "Insiders" who secretly run the world through organizations such as the Rhodes scholarships, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.

Early in the Clinton administration the publisher of the hard right American Sentinel put out a booklet titled The Clinton Clique, by long-time John Birch Society stalwarts Larry Abraham and William P. Hoar, detailing the JBS theory that Clinton is part of the Anglo-American conspiracy which supposedly rules the world.139 The John Birch Society itself has been promoting bulk distribution of one issue of its magazine, The New American, with a cover story and special report on the "Conspiracy for Global Control," linking Clinton to the purported Council on Foreign Relations conspiracy.

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