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Human Events

The popular ultra-conservative weekly newspaper Human Events gave regular coverage of real and alleged scandals. From its perspective, House Republicans-including Judiciary Chair Henry Hyde (R.-IL)-didn't go far enough. "Hyde Punts Impeachment Inquiry: Starr, Not Clinton, to Be Put on Trial," blared the front-page headline for Human Events on November 13, 1998. Before the Senate vote in mid-January, Human Events ran a banner headline "It's All About an Oath," over a full front page article, continuing inside with five pages of Senate impeachment-related material, several more anti-Clinton articles and briefs, and a 3/5 page ad for Judicial Watch. That issue also contains a half-page ad for the video "Bill Clinton's Rise to Power," which promises information on the "Other Clinton Scandals," including Chinagate, organized crime, Whitewater, and the "mysterious deaths of dozens of witnesses who had insider knowledge of Clinton's scandals."137

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