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The Washington Times

The Washington Times coverage of the scandal was voluminous. In fact, the paper even delayed its September 14-20, 1998 "National Weekly Edition" for a day in order to run a special pullout section with the text of the Starr Report.133 In that special issue, ultra-conservative columnists Cal Thomas, Mona Charen, Thomas Sowell, Joseph Sobran, Don Feder, Oliver North, Suzanne Fields, and Tod Lindberg each excoriated Clinton. Columnist Richard Grenier started his column by bashing Clinton, but then devoted the rest of the column to bemoaning the "feminization" of our society. Clinton is frequently represented as both weak and effeminate, and controlled by the bossy feminist Hillary.

Two of six editorials in the special issue were anti-Clinton, including one titled, "Don't forget those other Clinton Scandals."134 Here The Washington Times takes its readers into the world of right-wing conspiracism. There was also a half-page ad for the "Conservative Voices Tape of the Month Club," featuring two audiotapes claiming a cover-up in the "case" of Vincent Foster's death and a full-page ad for the anti-Clinton group, Judicial Watch. A full-page ad for two Jerry Falwell publications, the National Liberty Journal and "The Falwell Fax," had anti-Clinton hooks. Another ad ran for a conspiracist report on intelligence agency abuses. The "Inside the Beltway" column by John McCaslin contained several anti-Clinton snippets, and a note that "James C. Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, sent a letter this week to more than 2.4 million U.S. households, commenting on the `humiliation' President Clinton has brought `on himself, his family and our nation'."135

Without an apparent sense of irony, the paper ran an article deprecating the farther fringes of Clinton conspiracy mongers.136 This while the paper carried some fifty ads from the Western Journalism Center reprinting Ruddy's Tribune-Review stories.

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