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Rev. Jerry Falwell

A major distributor of Jeremiah Films' "The Clinton Chronicles" video was Jerry Falwell Ministries and his Old Time Gospel Hour. During 1998 Falwell relentlessly harangued against Clinton in TV appearances and radio programs, direct mail, his monthly National Liberty Journal newspaper, and The Falwell Fax, a chatty memo sent weekly to subscribers.113

A review of 1997 and 1998 issues of the National Liberty Journal shows the majority of attacks on Clinton centered on scandals involving Monica Lewinsky, Webster Hubbell, Whitewater, Vincent Foster, Paula Jones, communist Chinese influence, and impeachment.114 Sometimes a single issue would contain a front page anti-Clinton scandal article and as many as five additional scandal-oriented articles on inside pages. Many issues contained advertisements for anti-Clinton items such as a book on "The Murder of Vince Foster." Typical headlines included "Many Blacks Wonder Why The Black Caucus Defends Clinton to the Bitter End," and "Clinton Tabs Lesbian Nun for White House Post."115

In a December 1998 fundraising letter for his lobbying organization, the Liberty Alliance, Falwell decried Clinton's "immoral and illegal activities...and illegal foreign political fundraising by the President and Vice President." Yet Falwell, like others in the Christian Right, sees Clinton as just part of the "powerful liberal forces" that are destroying America. Falwell also sought to raise funds for a broader list of issues he wanted to organize around in 1999:

    ·Initiate "grassroots" lobbying on critical issues like hideous partial-birth abortion.

    ·Stand up and fight for our precious religious freedoms.

    ·Lobby against ENDA, the extremist proposal to require hiring of homosexuals, even by churches, schools and day-care centers.

    ·Oppose homosexual marriages and adoption of children.

    ·Battle the homosexual invasion of our schools.

    ·Oppose unelected liberal, activist judges who dangerously throw out decisions by Congress and voters.

    ·Lobby for much-needed family tax relief.

    ·Promote a strong national defense, including a desperately needed anti-missile defense system.

Falwell's lush rhetoric aside, this is a fairly representative list of grievances on the Christian Right. As is standard, Falwell warned that if money didn't flow in, "the Clintons, the radical homosexuals, anti-family feminists, Godless atheists, and the liberal media will have won." 116 This, too, is a fairly representative list of enemies demonized by the Religious Right in the Culture War. Falwell opened 1999 by declaring the Antichrist was alive and a Jewish man.117

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