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Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media (AIM) is the brainchild of Reed Irvine, a hard right activist who also created Accuracy in Academia. Irvine fixated on the Vincent Foster case, publishing a 218-page book, Vincent Foster, The Ruddy Investigation. In 1996 he created a five-part series of print ads excoriating the New York Times for refusing to print the facts about the death of Foster. The ads ran in several newspapers, including the Times.74 As recently as January 1999, the Accuracy in Media AIM Report featured a cover story on Foster, "Find the X-Rays or Exhume the Body," complete with a forensic drawing detailing a cross-section of a human head.75 After DNA testing showed that a young Black man had not been fathered by Clinton, Irvine argued that "I see no reason why [Ruddy's], the Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily, the New York Post or AIM should feel embarrassed for having reported that the William's family believed Clinton" was the father.

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