Extending Democracy and Diversity

Challenging prejudice, discrimination, and domination based on ethnicity, race, national origin, language, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, class, ability, and size.

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Standing up against hate is a necessary part of building equality, but it will take more to build a society that truly respects diversity, equality, and democracy. The dynamics of prejudice and supremacy that cause hate groups and hate crimes are complex. On these pages we will look at several issues in-depth.

There are a variety of related concepts and dynamics that need to be understood: prejudice, discrimination, bigotry, ethnocentrism, supremacy, domination, oppression, repression, demonization, scapegoating, conspiracism, and dualistic forms of apocalypticism and millennialism. Even among hate groups, there are different methodological approaches, including: segregation, separation, intimidation, violence, expulsion, and genocide.

This site was originally developed in cooperation with David Goldman, creator of the original Hatewatch.org