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The Body Politic Inc. is a private, tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality news coverage about issues relating to reproductive and personal freedom. The cornerstone of our organization is a monthly news magazine entitled, the Body Politic.

(Note: The Body Politic magazine ceased publication with the Nov/Dec 1999 issue.)

Body Politic Logo Through original feature articles and news stories, the Body Politic magazine provides up-to-date information on all aspects of reproductive freedom, including attacks on providers of reproductive health care, legislative action, court decisions, government policies, political trends and medical developments. The magazine publishes interviews with the nation's top pro-choice leaders and reports the most effective strategies now being utilized in the fight to protect reproductive rights. Regular columns include relevant book reviews and updates on service providers. Once a year the Body Politic publishes a National Pro-Choice Directory.

Readers know the Body Politic as a very interactive publication offering them a place to publish reports, articles, essays, or even poetry.

In this era of escalating attacks on personal liberty, the Body Politic also monitors the activities of anti-choice radicals and right-wing extremists and provides ground-breaking exposes on the threats to reproductive freedom and civil liberties.

The only news magazine of its kind in the nation, the Body Politic continually strives to live up to its motto:

Real Reporting - Not Sound Bites

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