Lyndon LaRouche Network

More Information
LaRouche's Antisemitic Conspiracism
By Chip Berlet

LaRouche and Operation Mop-Up

Fascism Wrapped in an American Flag
By Chip Berlet and Joel Bellman

A LaRouche Sampler
Collected quotes from Lyndon LaRouche

The LaRouchite Secret Elite Synthesis
By Chip Berlet

A '60's Socialist Takes a Hard Right
By Tim Wohlforth

NCLC and Its Extended Political 'Community'
The Public Eye - Vol. 1, No. 1
By Harvey Kahn

Big Stories, Spooky Sources
By Chip Berlet

Right Woos Left
Populist Party, LaRouchite, and Other Neo-fascist Overtures To Progressives, And Why They Must Be Rejected
By Chip Berlet

Lyndon LaRouche: What's the Real Story?
By Chip Berlet

Lyndon LaRouche: Man of Vision or Venom?
PDF Flyer
By Chip Berlet

The Death of Kenneth Kronberg
Based on an interview with his widow, Molly Kronberg
By Chip Berlet