Surveillance & Spying

More Information
Common Sense Security
By Sheila O'Donnell

Thoughts on our War Against Terrorism
By Cythnia McKinney

The Hunt for Red Menace
By Chip Berlet

A Conversation on Surveillance
Conceptual Artist Julia Scher
By Chip Berlet

Encountering and Countering Political Repression
By Chip Berlet

Bugs, Taps And Infiltrators
What To Do About Political Spying
By Linda Lotz

What the (Deleted) Was It?
By Mark Ryter

The Maldon Institute
From a 1993 description at the back of all printed Maldon Institute reports

The Maldon Institute
By Chip Berlet

Big Brother Gets Bigger
Domestic Spying and the Global Intelligence Working Group
By Michelle J. Kinnucan

War At Home
By Brian Glick

Cadre Or Cult? Gino Perente, NATLFED, and the Provisional Party
The Public Eye - Vol. 4, No. 3-4
By Jeff Whitnack

Privacy and the PC
Mutually Exclusive Realities?
By Chip Berlet

Don't swallow the Deep Throat hype!
By Chip Berlet

When Adversaries Become Allies: The Fight Against the Patriot Act and the Surveillance State
The Public Eye - Vol. 20, No. 1
By Abby Scher

First Amendment Blues: Police Tactics Suppress Free Speech
The Public Eye - Vol. 22, No. 4
By Heidi Boghosian and Abby Scher