Hate & Ethnoviolence

More Information
White Supremacy in the 1990s
By Loretta Ross

America Under the Gun
The Militia Movement and Hate Groups in America
By Jonathan Mozzochi

Hate on Tape
The Video Strategy of the Fundamentalist Right
By Laura Flanders

Divisions that Kill
The Enemy Without and Within
By Suzanne Pharr

Responding to Hate Groups
Ten Points to Remember
By Center for Democratic Renewal

When Hate Groups Come to Town
By Center for Democratic Renewal

Varieties of Bias and Discrimination
By Chip Berlet

Hate Groups, Racial Tension, and Ethnoviolence in an Integrating Chicago Neighborhood 1976-1988
By Chip Berlet

Racial Nationalism, the Third Position, and Ethnoviolence
By Political Research Associates

Eternal Fascism
By Umberto Eco

Comments on Timothy McVeigh
By Chip Berlet

Early Racist and Antisemitic Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)
By Chip Berlet

Hate in America
What Do We Know?

Hate Crimes Statistics

Introduction to The Beast Reawakens
By Martin A. Lee

Encountering Holocaust Denial
The Public Eye - Vol. 8, No. 3
By Lin Collette

Factsheet on Ethnoviolence
By The Prejudice Institute

White Supremacist, Antisemitic, and Race Hate Groups in the U.S.
By Chip Berlet

David Duke
The Messenger and His Message
By Chip Berlet and Margaret Quigley

Chrisitan Identity, Survivalism and The Posse Comitatus
A New Face for Racism and Fascism
By Chip Berlet

When Hate Went Online
By Chip Berlet

The Montana Human Rights Network: Fighting the Far Right With Research
The Public Eye - Vol. 19, No. 2
By Abby Scher

Truth and Reconciliation Comes to the South: Lessons from Greensboro
The Public Eye - Vol. 22, No. 1
By Jill Williams