Articles by Nikhil Aziz

Nikhil was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Illinois State University before joining PRA in July 2000. His research, publications, and teaching have been in the areas of international human rights, social movements, and globalization. While at PRA his research and trainings centered primarily on the Right’s attack on the GLBT, immigrant, and people of color communities, and on U.S. foreign policy. PRA bade Associate Director Nikhil Aziz farewell in February 2005, and he now heads Grassroots International.

Campus Insecurity: The Right's Attack on Faculty, Programs, and Departments at U.S. Universities
The Public Eye - Vol. 18, No. 1

Colorblind: White-Washing America
The Public Eye - Vol. 16, No. 2

Defending Immigrant Rights: ARK

OpEd: Coming Out—of Homosexuality

OpEd: From Black Helicopters to Trojan Horses
The U.S. Christian Right in the United Nations

OpEd: Showing Initiative
The 'Right' Way

Road to Victory 2004
Let's Take America Back ... a hundred years