Articles by Abby Scher

Abby Scher, Ph.D, is senior editor of Public Eye, the quarterly magazine of Political Research Associates. She was founding director of Independent Press Association-New York, a network of immigrant, African American and other community press where she launched Voices That Must Be Heard, an email/web weekly translating key articles from the ethnic press. In 2003-2005, she was honored by the Ford Foundation with a Leadership for a Changing World award. A sociologist, her writing on civil liberties, labor organizing and other topics appear in a range of progressive publications.

The Conservatism of Radicals (Book Review)
The Public Eye - Vol. 22, No. 3

The Montana Human Rights Network: Fighting the Far Right With Research
The Public Eye - Vol. 19, No. 2

The Public Eye Magazine Gets a Secret Face Lift
PRAccess - Fall/Winter 2005

When Adversaries Become Allies: The Fight Against the Patriot Act and the Surveillance State
The Public Eye - Vol. 20, No. 1