Produced in consultation with several reproductive rights activists, Defending Reproductive Rights offers a comprehensive look at the attack on reproductive freedoms by the US political Right. By providing a wealth of facts, analyses, and resources Defending Reproductive Rights helps activists, organizers, health care providers, and others protect reproductive rights.

This resource helps you understand many aspects of the Right's attack on reproductive freedoms, including:

  • Barriers to Reproductive Services: The Right's efforts to curtail women's reproductive rights have resulted in barriers to access for women seeking reproductive health services. Defending Reproductive Rights offers a detailed analysis of these barriers, which include provider shortages, economic barriers, and restrictions on contraception.
  • Abortion: Already demonized and threatened by anti-abortion activists, Abortion rights activists now actually fear for their safety. What is the make-up of the anti-abortion movement? How does the anti-abortion movement relate to the larger attack on reproductive rights? Defending Reproductive Rights carefully answers these questions and many more.
  • Race, Poverty and Reproductive Rights: In the larger sphere of reproductive rights-the right to conceive, bear, and raise children-"pro-life" strategists apply a double standard based on race and class. Defending Reproductive Rights looks at the rationale and application of this double standard.
  • Reproductive Abuses and Population Control: Defending Reproductive Rights also looks at where the Right stands on several other reproductive rights issues, including forced sterilization, forced contraception, and population control.

Along with primary and secondary source materials and valuable article reprints, Defending Reproductive Rights contains directories of both Right-wing groups opposed to reproductive rights and progressive organizations working to defend them.

"Very impressive. Defending Reproductive Rights is something that every pro-choice organizer should have."
--Byllye Avery,
National Black Women's Health Project

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