Defending Public Education:
an Activist Resource Kit

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Public education is under siege. Christian Right and other conservative groups are waging a concerted campaign to win public sympathy and support for education "reforms." These include vouchers, privatization, "parental rights," and an end to bilingual education, among others.

Few people dispute the need to improve our schools. But the political Right's panaceas offer false hope and mask a more far-reaching agenda. The Right wants to dismantle the entire system of federal and state control over public education and give free rein to commercial and private interests.

Such a drastic change would be devastating for millions of children and the future of our society. Those unable to access privatized schools would be left behind in a defunded school system.

And democracy as we know it would be undermined. Public schools play a critical role in transmitting values and habits of tolerance and respect for diversity essential to a healthy democracy. If the Right has its way, this role would be abandoned.

Get the Facts and Analysis You Need with This One-Stop Resource Guide

Defending Public Education will help you be a stronger advocate for our public schools. Whatever your level of interest or involvement-activist, community leader, policy maker, educator, concerned parent--this 164-page primer and resource guide can give you clarity on the issues and the informational tools you need to be effective.
  • Get the real story behind right-wing "solutions" to public education problems, who's promoting them, and why.
  • Challenge inaccurate and misleading claims about public education and offer an alternative, progressive vision of reform.
  • Connect with allies who share your commitment to quality public education for all.
Defending Public Education is designed for both in-depth study and quick reference. It gives you the big picture plus a detailed examination of five issues* that feature prominently in rightwing campaigns to manipulate public opinion and influence policy on public education:
  • Vouchers
  • Charter schools
  • Public school privatization
  • Bilingual education
  • Parental rights
Right-wing arguments on each issue are summarized, along with a progressive response. The kit also features organizing advice, activist "success stories, "article reprints, directories of national organizations supporting and opposing public education, bibliographies and more.
*The Right also campaigns to limit sex education, support creationism and prayer in public schools, and eliminate curriculum dealing with homosexuality. Since materials on these issues are already widely distributed, the kit does not cover them in detail.

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