PRA’s Core Values

  • We conduct research of the highest quality and methodological rigor, and are committed to making our research and analysis readily available and accessible.
  • Our work is even-handed, fact based, reliable, and not over-dramatized.  Our commitment to mutual respect means that in our work, we do not caricature or demonize the followers of right-wing organizations, and we recognize the abilities of the movement's leadership.
  • Our integrity demands that we speak the truth as we perceive it without fear or favor, and remain independent of forces that would stifle this voice.
  • PRA’s progressive analysis and critique derives from a deep desire to understand and eliminate the root causes of oppression; in this sense PRA prefers to work with social movements with a fundamental systemic analysis rather than organizations tied to partisan politics.
  • PRA believes that in order to be a truly effective organization we “must become the change we seek.”  To this end, PRA is committed to fostering mutual respect and exhibiting anti-oppressive behaviors in all aspects of what we do--internally among our staff, leadership, and Board, and externally with our allies and opponents.
  • We believe that an open and democratic society depends on a rich tapestry of voices and perspectives.  To ensure this, we see a need to amplify marginalized voices.  These values are deeply grounded in PRA’s feminist roots.
  • We remain open to change and growth, and to new ideas, content and approaches in the service of our mission.
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